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Cornerstones of our Strategy

Goals and Objectives

Wealth management means more than just an investment plan. Our clients’ financial needs can include generation of income, succession and estate planning for their business and family, counseling on financial matters affecting future goals, and communicating in clear and understandable terms. The success of the relationship and investment strategy are dependent on knowing the client and clearly identifying their goals and objectives.

Needs Assessment

Each person or family’s wealth management needs are unique. Guardian Wealth Advisors helps clients identify goals, needs and objectives for the future. We take the time to ask questions and listen to properly assess our clients’ needs. From the Needs Assessment phase, a personalized Investment Policy is developed that will guide a comprehensive wealth management strategy. The Investment Policy is reviewed and updated annually, or more often, in response to material changes in one’s life (children, retirement, inheritance, etc).

Investment Strategy

Diversified portfolios of stocks and bonds are the cornerstones of a long term investment plan. The positive impact of a diversified portfolio to help achieve future financial goals cannot be underestimated. Based on your long-term goals and objectives, unique needs and risk profile, a customized investment strategy will be developed and documented.

Implementation and Maintenance

Cost efficient management is critical to the long term success of a portfolio. Guardian’s principal is an expert in the structure and cost efficiencies of the portfolio management process. By eliminating inefficient portfolio expenses, financial goals have a better chance of success.

Client Service

Guardian Wealth Advisors sets itself apart from the competition by exceeding the expectations of our clients. The employees of Guardian are able to influence the service we provide to our clients and we do it with pride. Client communication is proactive. Clients tell us when communication becomes too frequent instead of “not frequent enough.” Our Service Group has been working together for over two decades, handling the unique needs of each of our clients, often in concert with our clients’ trusted professionals such as accountants and lawyers.

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