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Corporate Retirement Plan Assessment & Development

Corporate Retirement Plans – New or Existing

Whether assessing an existing plan or designing a new plan, Guardian Wealth Advisors (GWA) will work closely with you to review how your plan meets your objectives and goals, and how it can help recruit, retain and reward all qualified employees.

Customized Plan to Fit Your Business

Retirement plans are not a one size fits all. The plan design must take into many factors such as number of employees, income distribution, deferred compensation or profit sharing. For some, a 401(k) will be the optimal solution while for others a cash balance plan makes more sense. An analysis is made of your company with a suggestions made to ensure the best fit for your circumstances.

Optimal Plan for All Participants

Almost all plans need to satisfy participants with a wide range of goals and objectives from entry level young employees to long time key executives. Having the right people look at your unique situation can help you develop a plan that is optimal for a wider range of employees.

Formalize Plan Goals and Objectives

GWA is a strong believer in establishing and formalizing goals and objectives for each plan with participant outcomes central to those goals and objectives. Performance against these goals and objectives will be monitored and reviewed with GWA assessing potential changes which may help the plan better achieve its goals and objectives.

Plan Benchmarking

Benchmarking is an important part of the process towards optimal plan structure. Your plan can be compared against other plans in the same industry or across industries. Benchmarks can be established and measured against a number of plan features and topics such as plan types, automatic enrollment, default investment, matching programs, investment options, participant rates, plan costs/fees and investment policies.

Cost Assessment

Costs are a critically important part of all plans, directly affecting not only the plan sponsors but all plan participants also. The transparency of plan costs and fees is opaque at best making any apples to apples assessment very difficult. GWA coordinates documenting all costs, both visible and invisible (bundled costs), and provide the plan sponsor with the transparency and details required to make the correct choices when selecting and managing the plan’s service providers.