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Plan Communication

A key component of most retirement plans is the ability of the plan sponsor to communicate effectively with plan participants and for plan participants to be able to access not only their plan investments but also important plan information.

Plan Executives and Investment Committee

An important part of plan communication is how multiple service providers are able to effectively communicate with the plan sponsor, especially given how busy the plan executives are.  GWA works with the plan sponsor and other service providers to facilitate investment committee meetings that are efficient. It is critical that plan executives have the information and data they need to understand how their plan is performing and to be able to make timely decisions.

Participant Education and Readiness

There are many levels of participant education from printed materials, online materials, social media, seminars, small group meetings etc.  GWA will work with the plan sponsor and other service providers to create a comprehensive communication plan that includes all these important communication avenues.  One of GWAs most important service is our interaction with and availability to plan participants.

Plan Website

The plan website is just one aspect of plan communication but often is a focal point for plan participants.  It not only is usually the primary tool for interaction with plan investments but also serves many other roles.  GWA assists the plan sponsor so they are aware of what is not only standard in the marketplace but is also kept abreast of changes and enhancements to this important tool.