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Corporate Retirement Plan Providers & Vendors

For almost any retirement plan there are usually multiple professionals involved providing services, usually from different companies. These include but are not limited to: Third Party Administrator; Record Keeper; Fund Managers; Investment Adviser; Auditors & Accountants; and Actuaries. Guardian Wealth Advisors (GWA) plays a key role in this multi-vendor environment by assisting in:

  • Vendor Search and Selection
  • Vendor Fee Transparency
  • Vendor Monitoring, Coordination and Benchmarking


Vendor Search and Selection

There is a wide choice of structures that can be utilized when selecting service providers for a retirement plan.  There are times when a bundled approach makes sense (one vendor providing most of the professional services), times when a completely unbundled approach makes sense (a different vendor for each professional service) or something in between. GWA will assist you in evaluating all the possibilities and selecting the structure that makes the most sense for you unique situation.

Vendor Fee Transparency and Benchmarking

One of the trickiest and most difficult exercises in the retirement plan area is determining the fees for each service provided and comparing the fees of competing service providers.  Changes in the law for 2012 will hopefully ensure there is more transparency, but the task will still be difficult.  GWA has spent a great deal of effort in this area and will help you navigate the fees to enable you to make proper apple-to-apple comparisons in the end.

Vendor Monitoring, Coordination and Benchmarking

GWA will work with and coordinate the efforts of all the professionals involved in the plan such as the investment committee, third party administrator, record keeper, accountant and investment managers.  In essence, GWA will quarterback the process.  It is important that the proper experts are brought in, managed and monitored to ensure optimal plan solutions are achieved. Benchmarking each of the plan vendors is an important task.  GWA continually meets with many existing and new providers and is able to benchmark providers against not only their competitors but also against optimal criteria in each service area.