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Beyond the Investment Plan

At Guardian Wealth Advisors, advising our clients on wealth issues involves more than just investment advice. Our clients consult with us on financial matters concerning them today, as well as helping them plan for the future.

Included in our management fee and as a part of our service, you can expect wealth advice and counsel regarding:

Future Income Needs and Estimates

Whether a client has $250,000 or $10 million dollars, everyone seems to be concerned with the same question: “Will I have enough to be okay?” With the benefit of years of hearing the questions most concerning to our clients, Guardian Wealth Advisors has developed a propriety assessment program that can be populated with your unique inputs and data. The analysis can simulate scenarios that affect your financial future such as your changing goals, market fluctuations, social security and inheritances. This interactive simulation exercise is found to be a most helpful tool in guiding our clients’ future income and estate expectations.

Company Retirement Plan Coordination

In many cases, one of the largest and most ignored asset we find in our clients’ portfolio is their company retirement plan. We believe this asset plays a critical role in their financial future. The problem many people face is the responsibility of having to know how and what they should be investing in.

We help clients assess their company retirement plan options and fees. We help them step through the investment process to invest their non-retirement assets in concert with their retirement plans.

Estate Planning

If you have never addressed your family’s need for a Will, Trust or other estate vehicles, the thought of diving into the project can be daunting. Guardian helps simplify the process by helping you identify your goals and objectives. While we don’t offer legal advice, we have a stable of trusted legal advisors to whom we can introduce you for help with Wills, Trusts and other legal structures to facilitate wealth transfer and gifting.

Insurance Review

  • Life and Long Term Care – With the complexities of life and long term care insurance, Guardian calls on experts in the insurance field to help you provide for and protect your family in the event of tragedy or incapacity. We are an independent advisor; we are not compensated by commissions and do not sell insurance products. This has allowed us to identify cost effective and capable insurance providers who can serve your best interests. We can coordinate a process to solicit “bids” from multiple insurance providers. That process allows our clients to make an informed decision to select the company best suited to satisfy their needs.
  • Annuities – Typically, Guardian does not present annuity insurance products to our clients, however, many of our clients have invested in annuities in the past. What seemed like an understandable product years ago may have become less so as time has gone on. The Guardian Team has been involved in helping clients “re-understand” their investment by facilitating calls directly with the insurance company. Shoulder-to-shoulder with our clients, we ask questions to clarify annuity benefits and help them assess their benefit options without involving a sales person.

Mortgage Assessment

With interest rates at historic lows, people are inundated with news reports and solicitation notices from mortgage lenders regarding offers of refinancing. Guardian is a resource for our clients to help understand their options and make an informed decision.